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 : 3 Pack. Light Blue-baseball Cap Large Dome Panel Shaper and Hat Crown Inserts Combo-flexible-long Lasting Hat Liner 100% Mbg. 1 Free with Purchase of a 3 Pk.

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3 Pack. Light Blue-baseball Cap Large Dome Panel Shaper and Hat Crown Inserts Combo-flexible-long Lasting Hat Liner 100% Mbg. 1 Free with Purchase of a 3 Pk. Editorial Review:

Product Description:
THE BASEBALL CAP DOME PANEL SHAPER COMBO (shown) in combination with the Crown Style Insert is design to be used on the inner top liner of the baseball cap to hold the caps panel in place, protecting the baseball panel from wrinkling or crumpling while the baseball caps are store away. Similarly, after the baseball cap has been properly washed and rinse both the Crown style Shaper and the Caps Dome Panel Shaper effectively embraces the baseball caps crown and panel in its upright position while it's left to air dry, subsequently lifting and sustaining the shape of the baseball crown and panel, consequently avoiding the caps panel from further shrinkage**. Once dried and ready to wear, just remove the Dome Panel Shaper only. Leave the crown style insert inside while wearing the cap to continue supporting the baseball cap crown in its upright position. The hat crown inserts by itself (shaper)* is a must for all hats and caps, it does the following: The crown inserts gives you that comfortable secure fit, it will feel like its custom fitted just for you. • Avoid feeling the caps brim edge on the inside. •Avoid deterioration on the inner caps crown. •Prolong the life of your hats or caps. •The caps crown inserts reduces the amount of sweat running down the forehead. It absorbs moisture when jogging or exercising. Take the caps inserts with you the next time you're purchasing a hat or baseball cap and surprise yourself. You're going to love it! *NOTE: The words "Shaper" and "Inserts" are used interchangeably. **How you wash you baseball caps will determine their future. Hand washing your caps and air drying them is what the experts recommend, especially the more expensive caps. If you prefer an additional protection while wearing the baseball cap or for a more stylish look, then try our BASEBALL CAPS WEB SHAPER COMBO also available at Amazon Market Place.'s Price: $23.25
as of 12/17/2018 02:30 EST

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Binding: Misc.
Brand: Shapers Image
Color: Light Blue
EAN: 0765573898040
Label: Shapers Image Co.
Legal Disclaimer: Although, the hat crown shaper significantly reduces the impact to your upper forehead and temple from minor flying objects, it should never be substituted for the proper sport helmet gears or construction hats. The Shapers Image hat crown inserts, dome panel shapers and Caps inserts is not consider a protection devise or helmet and does not meet The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA qualification) or The American National Standards Institute (ANSI standards) for head protection. Always wear the proper equipment on work sites or when playing any sports. Remember: Safety always comes first!!
Manufacturer: Shapers Image Co.
Publisher: Shapers Image Co.
Studio: Shapers Image Co.

  • *Environmentally friendly *Odorless *Crack resistance *High-energy absorption *Long lasting *Dust proof *Good weather resistance *Waterproof *Low water absorption *Oil resistance *Chemical resistance.
  • The Crown Style Inserts is designed to restore or re-new the cap's or the hat's crown shape *You'll also avoid deterioration on the inner caps crown and prolong the life of your hats *It extends the life of your New Era 59Fifth Baseball caps, Snapback caps, Cowboy hats, Fedora hats and more.
  • When jogging or exercising our standard caps crown inserts reduces the amount of sweat running down the forehead by absorbing the moisture.
  • Noticeably display the hat's business logo clearly without worrying if the baseball cap crown is wrinkled or flat. You'll discover the crown shapers to have an incredibly secure fit on the forehead and the temple, thus avoiding the wind from blowing away you hat.
  • Made from non-plastic material which means there is no drying out or cracking over time. Besides, there is enough plastic in our waste dumps and oceans already. You'll notice right away how Shapers Image Hat Crown Inserts feel as soft as a baby's skin. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR /SIZE and ADD TO CART NOW. There's nothing like it, you're going to love it!

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